Shape of You Waist Trainer Corset Review

With summer just around the corner, you want to make sure that your body is ready to face the beach. However, when you look at the mirror, it seems that something is off. You don’t actually know what it is exactly, but your figure isn’t the way it used to be, not so many time ago. So, what can you do? You just love the beach and the hot weather and wearing all those dresses, cute skirts, not to mention those numerous tops that you have on your closet waiting for their opportunity to come out.

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One aspect that you might be neglecting is your overall figure. It probably isn’t a question of having some extra pounds. You may actually need to improve your posture and overall figure to make it look more like an hourglass. So, you should consider looking at some Hourglass waist trainers, in particular, the Shape of You Waist Trainer.


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This waist trainer features two different layers. The inner layer is made of 100% premium cotton that will provide you with all the comfort you need even with the compression. The outer layer is made with a durable rubber latex material. Between these two materials, this Hourglass waist trainer includes a nine reinforced steel bones. This will make sure that you have all the support you need. Besides, this feature is also the responsible for making sure that your Hourglass corset never loses its shape or rolls up. Despite this may not mean anything to you, the fact is that most waist trainers out there tend to roll up, meaning that you’ll be extremely uncomfortable. Now, just imagine that you’re at work and you just can’t go to the bathroom in that same instant for some reason? It’s just terrible…


When you get the Hourglass waist trainer, you will be able to wear in on every occasion you want because it will perfectly fit into it. Either on your daily routine, when you’re working out, cleaning up your house, or playing with your kids, there’s nothing you can’t do with the Hourglass corset. The reinforced steel bone will make sure that you are comfortable, that you are maintaining a good posture, and that you are also showing off your natural curves. And one of the best things about this Hourglass corset is that if you decide to wear eat during meals, it will actually preventing from eating too much.


When you’re looking for a highly quality Hourglass corset that allows you to be comfortable all the time, that is able to support your back, adjustable to make the perfect fit, and that it also helps you lose weight besides giving you that amazing hourglass figure, you should really consider getting this Hourglass corset. Made with high-quality materials and being adjustable, this Hourglass corset is also very discreet that you can wear it under your clothes and no one will notice it. Everyone will tell you how amazing you are and ask you what you have done to achieve that amazing hourglass figure.


The Shape of You Waist Trainer is a great option for someone who wants a cheap waist cincher because it’s so affordable.

Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica Waist Cincher Review and Tips

When you’re looking for a high-quality faja waist cincher, you need to make sure that you check out the fajas Ann Chery. And one of the best models you should consider getting is the Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica Waist Cincher.


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When you’re trying to lose some weight, you know that wearing a garment can actually help you out. However, when you try out the fajas Ann Chery, you’ll see the immediate effects. Either if you want to take a run outside or go to the gym, just take this Ana Cherry fajas with you. All you need to do is to wrap it around your midsection. You should now be noticing the compression in your core and the perspiration ramping. So, even without moving a muscle, you’re already putting your body to work and expelling the bad cells. Now imagine what this faja waist cincher will do for you as soon as you start your workout.

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One of the best things about the fajas Ann Chery is the fact that they just remain in their place, No matter how much you move or your workout activity, the garment will always stay in its place and it won’t roll up. This is one of the main problems many waist cinchers have.


This faja waist cincher is made with two different materials.The inner layer is constructed from soft cotton while the outer layer is constructed from a high-resistant and durable latex. Both materials will allow that you are compressed enough to perspiration but you won’t be bothered with this because the cotton is a breathable fabric.

This Ann Chery faja features a classic hook and eye closure with two columns. This will make sure that it will perfectly fit your body allowing you to even choose the level of compression that you want.

One of the main advantages of this Ann Chery faja is that it is covered with a boning, both in the fornt as well as in the back. This will provide you the extra support for your back as well as it will help you with your posture as well.


Despite having a flatten stomach is a great thing that can be achieved by using one of the amazing fajas Ann Chery, the fact is that you’ll only have the perfect hourglass figure when you are able to maintain a good posture. So, if you have a tendency to slouch your shoulders or if you have a desk job, you may have a posture problem. However, you don’t have anything to worry about since this faja waist cincher will also provide you all the support you need. Besides, you can also count with some back pain relief when you’re wearing it.

Overall, the Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica Waist Cincher shape couldn’t be any better. One of the things many women tend to complain about is their breasts. However, you can be sure that this faja waist cincher will fit just under them and it will not only provide them some support as it will push them up.

Squeem Waist Trainer Firm Compression Cincher Review

When you’re looking for the biggest and better brands in shape wear products, you’ll definitely see Squeem waist trainers up on the list. They are on the market for over 30 years and they are truly experts in manufacturing the best Squeem waist cinchers for both men and women.

One of the things that make them stand out is the fact that they have a huge collection that is extremely versatile. And this has only one purpose – to make sure they are able to help you the best way they can in your own personal needs. Either when you’re looking to lose weight, when you want help after a pregnancy or a surgical procedure, when you want to improve your posture, just smooth a bit in your middle section, or if you’re looking for an exclusive male model, Squeem will be able to help you.

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So, in case you’re looking for the best hourglass figure while still having comfort and support, the Squeem “Perfect Waist” Contouring Cincher may be just what you have been looking for.


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Made with 75% natural rubber and 25% cotton, the Squeem Waist Trainer features a special design made to smooth your midsection while highlighting your natural curves at the same time. This will finally allow you to show off your amazing curves with a flat stomach. So, if you just got invited to a cocktail party or to a special event, you can just wear this Squeem perfect waist trainer under your dress and you’ll look even more amazing.

This Squeem waist cincher includes many different features:

squeem-waist-cincherSqueem Perfect Waist Cincher in Beige – find the best price on Amazon

#1: Comfort:

Since it’s made with natural rubber and cotton, which is a breathable material, you can take your Squeem waist cincher anywhere you want from the cocktail party or special event to the gym or even to work. One of the best things about this is it won’t roll up because of the internal flexible boning it has. So, you will never feel uncomfortable.

#2: Support:

One of the best things about this this model is that it also provides you support. With the internal flexible boning that you can control the compression level, you’ll be able to make it as supportive and comfortable as you want. And the best of all is that you’ll get that amazing hourglass figure.

#3: Adjustability & Flexibility:

squeem-perfect-waistSqueem Perfect Waist Cincher in Beige – find the best price on Amazon

This Squeem waist trainer allows you to easily adjust it providing you with all the flexibility that you need. The Squeem waist cincher comes with many different sizes to choose from and you can choose to get it in black or beige.

The front classic hook closure is also a positive thing since you won’t have any problems putting it on or taking it out on your own.

Many people who are already using the Squeem Waist Trainer consider it as one of the best body shapers on the market. It allows you to trim your waist, improve posture, strengthen your core, accentuate the breast area, alleviate the back pain, and still maintain an hourglass figure. As you can see, the Squeem waist trainer is a very complete and versatile product.

#4: Durability:

This body shaper needs to be hand washed. Despite it may seem odd to get a waist trainer that can’t be machine washed, you need to remember that this one is made only of natural fibers and that this will make sure that it will last a very long time.

One of the main problems among women is that they are usually never happy with their figure. They might need some more exercise but the truth is that when you don’t feel good about yourself, you’ll tend to lose your self-confidence. And this is something that you really don’t want to do.

When you get the Squeem Waist Trainer  and wear it for the first time, it will almost be like if you have reborn again. You may think that we’re exaggerating, but we’re not. Can you remember the feeling of getting into that tiny little dress when you were in high school or in college? How many years have passed by? Maybe you already have kids. And we all know what this can do to a woman’s body.

body-shaperSqueem Perfect Waist Cincher in Black – find the best price on Amazon

With the summer coming, you can already picture yourself wearing those amazing short dresses and off the shoulder tops that you haven’t worn for years. But you still have them. And you know what? You can actually wear them on top of the Squeem waist trainer because no one will notice you are wearing it.

There’s no question about how this Squeem waist trainer will look on you as soon as you put it on. However, one of the main concerns of many people is in terms of functionality. However, we can definitely say that it couldn’t be any better. With the front closure, you won’t need anyone’s help to put it on.

The Squeem Waist Trainer has its design roots on Brazil. And you know how Brazilian women are in what concerns their body (in case you don’t, just search for the Rio de Janeiro beaches and you’ll see their amazing bodies). So, Squeem tried to capture their amazing bodies and make a waist cincher that allows any woman to have that same hourglass figure. And we can say that they made it with a huge success with the Squeem Waist Cincher.


Squeem Perfect Waist Cincher in Black – find the best price on Amazon

According to most Squeem waist trainer reviews, you’ll be able to see the first results within 3 or 4 hours. Yes, that’s right. And if you’re planning to take it to work, every single day, you’ll like to know that many people have been doing that and they’re feeling not only comfortable as well as sexier than ever.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best waist trainers on the market, you definitely need to try the Squeem waist trainer. Featuring high-quality, durability, versatility, flexibility, and a quite affordable price, the Squeem Perfect Waist Cincher is a great choice.

The Ultimate Guide On Waist Training

Waist training is definitely very popular nowadays. With the aim to slim down your waistline without much effort, it’s actually one of the most effective methods.

When you are waist training you need to be wearing a waist cincher or a waist training corset. Wearing a corset is nothing new. In fact, it was a common piece of every women wardrobe during the Victorian Era. They ended up by stop being used but they just came back with full force. Back then, they used to be so tight that they ended up by hurting more than actually helping.

Since then, corsets have evolved a lot. They are now much safer and you now know that wearing one the entire week without taking it off should really be something to avoid, under any circumstances.

Deriving from the old corsets, the now known as waist cinchers or waist trainers are having a huge demand. While corsets usually have a steel boning making them a lot less flexible, the waist cinchers and waist trainers can be worn anytime you want, wherever you want. And one of the latest news that is pulling so many people’s interest is the fact that you can even workout wearing one. And this is known as waist training. You are basically working out just like you usually do but you’re also wearing your waist cincher under your clothes. This will help you sweat more, releasing more toxins and fat, and you’ll lose weight and cinch your waist.

#1: Does Waist Training Work?

If you never heard about waist training before or waist cinchers for that matter, you’re probably wondering if they actually work. And the straightest answer is: Yes, they do work.

When you decide to do waist training, you’re not simply stating that you’re going to buy a waist cincher and wear it occasionally. You’re actually making a commitment to yourself. It’s more like a life decision. Simply wearing a waist cincher won’t do you any good unless you workout wearing it. And why should you workout if you don’t have a healthy diet? As you see, this is all linked. 


#2: Is Waist Training Safe?

All you need to do is to listen to your body and use your good sense. Just like with any other type of workout, you can’t expect to see immediate results. But you shouldn’t get discouraged. After all, your goal is to have that perfect waistline and you can achieve it. With a bit of dedication and persistence.

#3: How To Start Waist Training?

The first thing you need to do when you finally decided that you want to pursuit waist training is to find the best waist trainer for you. You might feel a bit uncomfortable the first times you wear it but you need to know that it’s absolutely normal. After all, you’re compressing your body and it simply isn’t used to it.

The second thing you need to do is to define a healthy diet and a workout plan that will work for you. When you’re looking for a healthy diet, make sure that it won’t make you starve and according to your daily routines and activities. And the same applies to the workout plan.


Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to put your waist cincher on and head to the gym. When you’re starting, you should try to keep the cincher on for just 3 to 4 hours at most. Your body needs to get used to the extra compression and you should give it time to adapt instead of just forcing it. Just use your good sense.

When you start to feel comfortable wearing it during this period, just increase it to 5 to 6 hours a day, and so on. When you get to the point that you can wear your waist cincher the entire day and you don’t even notice it anymore, this only means one thing: it’s time to get another one smaller.

Now, the only thing you need is to be persistent and have the discipline to follow your diet and workout plans. If you do follow, you’ll get to your goals in a healthy way. However, if you decide to stop listening to your body, you may suffer some consequences that you can easily avoid.

Waist training is one of the best ways to get that waistline you’ve always wanted. It’s not just for other people. You can have it too. Just stick to your life change, to your plans, and focus on your goal. Knowing that while it may take awhile to get there but that you can is always a good thing.

How To Choose The Best Waist Cincher Corset?

Getting an hourglass figure can be very difficult to achieve. If you have some extra pounds, that amazing dress won’t fit properly. And regardless of what you do, either dieting, working out, or both, it seems nothing work. And so you think that you just need to choose a different outfit for that special party you’re looking forward to going.

Well, I have good news for you – waist cincher corsets. A waist cincher corset will give you the appearance you want and no one will ever know when you’re wearing one. This is the perfect solution for your problem. You’ll be able to get an hourglass shape no matter if you’re going to a special event, to work, a walk in the park or to the gym.

Here are 5 of the best waist cincher corsets of the market:

#1: Camellias 26 Steel Boned Corset Short Torso Heavy Duty Waist Training Cincher by Camellias Corsets

waist cincher corset

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The Camellias 26 Steel Boned Corset Short Torso Heavy Duty Waist Training Cincher is an amazing waist training cincher. You’ll get an amazing hourglass shape instantly. It will flatten your stomach through and make you feel perfect.

With 26 steel bones and 3 layers of fabric – 2 inner high-quality cotton layers and 1 laminated middle layer for extra strength, you’ll notice it’s very comfortable and it’s extremely smooth on your skin.

Even if you never wore a waist training cincher before, you don’t need to worry. This is the perfect choice for you.

#2: #1 BEST Waist Trainer on Amazon by Hourglass Fashion® – Corset Waist Cincher by Hourglass


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This waist trainer cincher is another great option when you’re looking to get an immediate hourglass figure. The Corset Waist Cincher by Hourglass is very comfortable and provides maximum support while still giving you a perfect waistline and sexy curves.

In case you want to take it to the gym, you can also do it. This amazing product will allow you burn fat quickly because your blood flow and heat will increase, help you lose those extra pounds faster than ever.

The Corset Waist Cincher by Hourglass is perfect for every occasion. Either to wear at home, go to work, to a special event,  or even to the gym.

One of the best advantages of this waist cincher is how easy it is to put it on and off. And since it has 3 different hooks, you can easily adjust it the way you want.

#3: Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer by Squeem


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This squeem waist cincher is another great product that will help you get the most out of your natural curves. The Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer by Squeem comes in many different sizes.

One of the best advantages of the Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer by Squeem is the fact that it doesn’t only allow you to be perfect in that outfit that you chose, but it also provides you with back support, helping you with your posture.

The Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer is very discrete and besides slimming your waistline it will also lift your breasts slightly. This will give you a much better figure filled with sensuality.

When you’re using this waist cincher you can rest assured that it won’t roll-up. And one of the best things is that you can wear it with strapless summer tops and dresses, as well as with off shoulders dresses and tops.

#4: Waist Trainer And Shaper – Black 3 Hook Latex Waist Cincher Belt by Ann Chery


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This Ann Chery latex waist cincher has both eye and hook closure. Despite it’s made off latex outside, the interior layer is made with cotton, which will allow your skin to breath. So, you can use the Waist Trainer And Shaper – Black 3 Hook Latex Waist Cincher Belt when you’re at the gym, for a special event, or even to recover your waistline after giving birth. There are no limitations because you won’t feel suffocated when you’re wearing it.

This waist cincher is also adjustable is size. With 3 hooks, you’ll be able to use it with the compression you want. However, despite the compression level you choose, you’ll notice you’ll still be able to move as if you weren’t wearing it.

#5: Women’s Underbust Corset Waist Trainer Cincher Body Shaper Vest by Lover-Beauty

Women's Underbust Corset Waist Trainer Cincher Body Shaper Vest by Lover-Beauty

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The Women’s Underbust Corset Waist Trainer Cincher Body Shaper Vest by Lover-Beauty is another great waist cincher that you can use everywhere. It will help you get that hourglass figure that you want immediately either when you’re training at the gym, celebrating a special occasion, or simply on your day to day life.

Made with latex on the outside and with cotton and spandex on the inside, the Women’s Underbust Corset Waist Trainer Cincher Body Shaper Vest is very comfortable to wear and it doesn’t roll-up. So, even if you decide to wear it to the gym, during your workout, you won’t have problems with the sweating because it will absorb. Plus, since you’ll feel hotter, it will be easier and faster to lose weight.

The Women’s Underbust Corset Waist Trainer Cincher Body Shaper Vest has 3 rows of hooks, that allow you to make it tighter or looser depending on what you want.

There you have it. Five of the best waist cincher corsets that will allow you to get that hourglass figure you’ve always wanted without feeling uncomfortable. They’re all adjustable and you can wear them in different occasions which make them the best products on the market. However, you should always try to read others people’s reviews about a particular cincher since these may help you decide on which one is the best for you. Click here to read more waist cincher reviews.